Elnathan v2

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Sculptor: Tabatha Pack

Painter: Maria Hjerppe

Medium: Acrylic airbrush with hand detailing in acrylics

Completed in: 2014

My first airbrushed dapple grey (and the second overall in airbrush) in about 10 years. It is pretty amazing how art techniques just come back to you even after a long hiatus.

Painting dapple greys is a lot of fun, but also quite time-consuming. I go back and forth between light and dark during many, many layers, and this horse took several weeks to complete. I know some people sneer at airbrushing becuse they think that it is a "quick and dirty" technique, and I guess it can be if one is so inclined... but if you would hang around for a while and see how I do it, you would soon realize that there is nothing "quick" about the way I airbrush horses. (Though I will say that compared to the time it takes me to paint a horse in oils, airbrushing is lightning-fast. Everything is relative...)