Breyer Marwari

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Painter: Maria Hjerppe

Medium: Acrylic airbrush with hand detailing in acrylics

Completed in: 2014

This guy was done as a test piece. To read more about test pieces go here, but in short it means that it is a horse that I have used to experiment on. In this particular case I was trying out a bay formula - I dislike painting bays so I figured that it would be good for me to challenge myself. I also used a new primer which has a slight texture to it (as can be seen in the close-ups). While I was working on this piece I figured that I would rather save a little time so I didn't put as much time into the detailing as I usually do. Since this is also a color that I am uncomfortable painting, I was not quite sure how well it would hold up to today's show ring standards. As it happens, he has been wildly successful and has so far been nearly undeafted in very tough US competition! He won two Top Tens at NAN 2015, one in Breed and one in Workmanship.