A note on previous works

I began painting and customizing back in 1987 and then went on an extended break around 2004 due to my university studies. I took up painting again in 2013, and now produce a handful of works each year.

As much as I personally enjoy the walk down memory lane when I look at photos of my old customs, I do not feel that they are representative of the quality I produce today (with a few exceptions). As a result I have opted not to include more than a couple of "golden oldies" here, as I feel it is in everyone's interest to keep a current and updated portfolio rather than include old works just for the sake of having lots of photos.

This, of course, means that there are not a whole lot of horses here since my production is extremely limited. I have, however, included several close-up photos of each horse. Just click on the thumbnail below to be taken to each individual gallery.

Please note: I have just redesigned my website and a few functions are still a little buggy. If you click on one of the color sorting buttons, please also click on "load more works" as not all will show up the first time around. After you hit the load button once it seems to work fine. I will try and resolve this issue as quickly as possible.